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Michael Senoff's hardtofindads.com is one of the top 5 most valuable web sites for direct marketers and copywriters I have ever seen.  On this site you've got ads from Gary Halbert, Brian Keith Voiles, Ben Suarez, Eugene Schwartz, Jay Abraham, John Carlton, and Maxwell Sackhiem.  You've even got ads from the great Claude Hopkins.  This is the ULTIMATE SWIPE FILE!   All a marketer needs to do is study these ads and then apply them to his business."

Ads you can study and swipe from the

legends of Advertising

Here's your chance to get your hands on the world's best collection of editorial-style ads


Michael Senoff Advertising
"You can read about the famous advertising men in books for under fifteen bucks. You can hear others teach and talk about them at high priced marketing seminars costing five grand and upwards to twenty five thousand.. but you can't experience and gain an intimate understanding of these advertising geniuses until you study their actual ads."
This is your chance to study the advertising geniuses of the century. I guarantee you will love this collection.

I Have Created This Web Site To Help You Create Compelling Advertising Copy Easily And Fast

You can use this site to discover ideas from proven editorial-style ads from the world's most successful copywriters from the early 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s 60s and today

"The uninformed would be staggered to know the amount of work involved in a single ad. Weeks of work sometimes. The ad seems so simple, and it must be simple to appeal to simple people. But behind that ad lies reams of data, volumes of information and months of research. Until now, this is no lazy man's field." 

Dear friend,

Here's your virtual swipe file of 942 of the best all-time classic advertisements ever.

My site puts you in the "power position" to take proven persuasive, irresistible advertisements written by professional copywriters… Ads that sold millions of dollars worth of products and services…Ads that contributed to building well-known brands of today… Ads that generated hundreds of thousands of happy customers for companies that became large national (and some of them even multi-national) corporations… Ads that influenced YOU to buy products you have in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room…

All you do is…

Borrow, modify and move the ad templates to your ownproducts or services 

Keep reading.

This is NOT a course on copywriting… It's not theory ... not a transcript of philosophical debates about which words you should include in your headline … or not even the explanation of benefits vs. features.

What I have here are the ACTUAL ADS from the early 1910s, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and today and (most over 50 years ago) by:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
  • General Electric
  • Ivory Soap
  • Kellogg’s Rice Krispies
  • American Express Travelers Cheques
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • Quaker Oats
  • Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
  • Motorola
  • The Sugar Information Inc.
  • Green Giant Company
  • Postum by General Foods Corp.
  • Reynolds Wrap
  • Beltone Hearing Aid Company
  • Listerine Mouthwash
  • And many other companies… BEFORE they fell into the so-called "Image Advertising" trap … and decided that keeping their names before people’s eyes is what's going to make the public buy their products.

Each ad had to qualify and meet five criteria before it was added to my collection :

1. The Ad must have a Powerful Headline (according to David Ogilvy, "The headline increases your results up to 500%!". You'll have hundreds of them to steal, change or modify for your own advertising campaigns).

2. The Ad must be compellingcrystal clear, and copy rich (Because copy sells your products… not silly pictures, not clever slogan or a classy design).

3. The Ad must be an Editorial style ad (according to Mr. Gary C. Halbert this style "sometimes increases response by 2,200%. How’d you like to jump the response of your sales messages from 2% to 44%". See how the pros do it.

4. The Ad must be a Classic product, either well known in the past or still in use today (enough said... Chances are you have at least one of these products in your home).

5. The Ad must be pure Salesmanship-In-Print (Albert Lasker, the head of "Lord & Thomas" advertising agency was said to have made more money than anyone else in the history of the advertising business because Mr. John E. Kennedy taught him, in 1904, what advertising really is – "Salesmanship-In-Print").

Here’s how you can use this collection of ads today.

Influence parents, expectant mothers, and nursing mothers to buy products for their children. (Kellogg’s did; so can you!)

Use "The Story" techniques to add to your credibility ... to promote your store (or stores), your catalogue and, of course, your products. (The example of hiring a celebrity as .. the department manager).

Choose from 21 proven "Money-Back Guarantees" to use for your own promotions!

Position certain gadgets as "May Help Children Learn Faster!" devices. If you’re a parent –you won’t be able to resist that ad! Think about millions of parents who also may not be able to resist the ad YOU write based on this one.

Use the "Reason Why" approach. (Great story of how sales of woolen sweatersjumped 58% in JULY! Easily adaptable for selling ice-cubes to Eskimos, or buckets of sand in the desert)

Make a woman feel special and proud by wearing certain products! (Women control over 90% of the wealth on this planet…)

Turn virtually any location into your neighborhood’s social center. It worked with a laundry so … why not do the same with your restaurant or Internet cafe?

Sell vitamin-rich products and other medical products by advertising!

Create a strong promotion with the help of… a laughing audience!

>Approach conservative consumers... and … after hearing them say, "Well, I guess you’re never too old to learn!", sell them your product!

Build an appealing offer to a middle-aged buyer!

Effectively promote trips and cruises!

Attract new subscribers to your E-Zine or newsletter!

Generate Leads for your own or your client’s business!

Sell gifts, beauty products, refrigerators, paint, tires, food, insurance…

Use the 100 greatest headlines, ever, for brainstorming . . . and then creatively apply their principles for your own headlines!

But don't take my word for it. Hear what others say about www.hardtofindads.com


INSTRUCTIONS: Have your speaker volume turned up. The recording may take a few seconds to start playing depending on your connection. Only press > the play button to start the recordings from the beginning. Press the stop button to stop the recordings. Press the pause button to pause the recording. And lastly, press the play button to resume the recording from the place you paused.


"Michael Senoff's  classic series of ads from the 50s is worth its weight in gold! Why? Because these were the days when advertising really meant something and even more important that, it worked! With the proliferation of all the so-called "creative ideas" and fluffy platitudes that fill countless magazines and newspaper pages and even our air waves...these proven, results-driven advertisements are a must have for anyone interested in marketing, regardless of their background or experience."

—Brian Andrews, Minuteman Press

Dear Michael,

"Your classic ads from the 50s was easy to use and the ads were very useful. They certainly give a different slant on advertising back then versus the 'in your face ads' of today. I enjoyed the clear way that products were marketed in that time frame. The information in the report was concise and very useful for me. Thanks again for making this available to me."

—Bob Backoff

"The classic ads are excellent and a resource no marketer should be without. Thanks again for these extra marketing gems."

—Keith Needham, United Kingdom

"How's this for a headline: 'Trapped at home?' Imagine what you can do with that ad, in one hundred different areas. Or, 'Ever feel like trading yourself in for a new model?', 'More than 50% of America is overweight.' Or, "White-Collar Workers: Watch Your Weight!" If these don't grab your attention, it is because you are sound asleep. You are doing all of us a huge favor by sharing these."

—Richard Sutherland

This stuff is pure gold for anyone who needs to write an ad or sales letter! With only minor updating many of these great ads would, no doubt, still work today! Thanks again"

—Bartley Jones,

Bartley Jones Copywriting

"Michael's collection of 507 Classic Advertisements are some of the very best Ads ever created. Pluck out a few nuggets for your own Advertising program, and watch sales take off. To unscramble what works in the Ad game, it just doesn't get any easier than this. Michael has done a masterful job of compiling this awesome collection."

—Darryl Ruff,

"The ads are very good. And they are varied enough that you could find one that could be the basis of many new ads for many different kinds of products or services. Looking forward to the next 100."

—Tom Darcy

"... As you know Dan Kennedy in his milestone book 'The Ultimate Sales Letter' states, 'If an ad sold a product 20 or thirty years ago, with only minor word changes it will sell today!' I reviewed your 'Classic ads' and they are solid gold, sure to please any copywriter looking for a great lead-in for their product description and sales letters."


"They say nostalgia ain't what it used to be but I've got a sneaky feeling many of us (of any age) look to the 50s as an era that brought a true promise unlike today's fickleness. The 50s brought a vibrancy. So if Marilyn Monroe has the power to turn you on so will these classic ads. Well done Michael for bringing them to us."

—Malcolm Gallagher

"Thank you for gathering this collection of old ads. Dan Kennedy, Jeff Paul, Gary Halbert, and others preach to study the 'classics' you have made that job much, much, much simpler by hand picking the greatest Direct sales ads ever."

—Rick Allen

Hello Fellow Marketers,

Hardtofindads.com is absolutely loaded with valuable information and resources.  What is most valuable is that there are so many different categories of ads and sales letters to review and swipe, that not only apply to copywriters, but marketers, salespeople, and anyone who does any form of marketing or sales in their business (Which is all of us...isn't it?). So if it's a classic ad from a former marketing master or a modern day master such as Gary Halbert, Hardtofindads.com has it at your fingertips.  But not only that, there are also other great categories such as joint venture letters, contracts, postcard offers, fax letters, audio recordings and more. 

Bottom line, it's a resource that can save a great deal of time and money and I thoroughly recommend it to get your brain stimulated and turbocharge your next campaign.  


Peter Aylwin

Sydney, Australia

Are you beginning to get a sense of excitement over how my collection of hard-to-find ads may be able to help you create professional, money-pulling ads that will sell your products or services? Here's how you can find out for certain without risking a single penny:

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